Office cleaning is not only essential for keeping your workspace looking beautiful, but also for safeguarding the health and well-being of the employees that spend many hours there each day. Surfaces in offices are known to accumulate dirt and often contain high germ levels, which can result in the rapid spread of illness. Especially now, during this difficult time of COVID-19, the spread of pathogens through surfaces is a bigger concern than ever, but it can be mitigated with the help of high skilled professional office cleaning services like Arelli.

Arelli is proud to use chemicals that are approved by Health Canada to help stop the spread of germs and diseases. We ensure all our cleaners are using the same chemicals and the DIN numbers are on the list of approved chemicals provided by Health Canada.

Our highly-trained crew members have knowledge specific to office environments, which ensures the clean you get consistently exceeds your expectations. Our commercial cleaning crews are experienced, vetted, background checked and have expert support at the tip of their hands. Our senior staff always accompany the crews on the first day of work and provide customized training and ensure the cleaners understand the scope of work that needs to be performed for each individual facility.

A clearly-outlined personalized office cleaning schedule acts as the foundation for our standardized services and processes. That means there will be no deviation from the high-quality standard we strive to uphold in the clean you receive each time your facility is cleaned. Our unique 8-step QA process uses a dedicated electronic logbook to keep detailed track of cleaning status, in addition to regular quality control inspections and routine phone follow-ups.

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