Professional Commercial Cleaning Services in Brampton

The best commercial cleaning company in Brampton cater to all types of commercial cleaning and can get the job done on schedule and never miss a session.

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Enhanced Quality Assurance

Our unique 8-step QA process uses a dedicated electronic logbook so that each clean gives you both what you paid for and what you asked for.

24/7 Customer Support

Our team is always at your disposal and ready to help, whether that means answering questions, adjusting service, or addressing concerns.

Vetted Cleaning Crew

Our cleaning staff is thoroughly vetted to provide you the peace of mind of knowing that your facility is secure. Low turnover means high trust.

Detailed Disinfection
Deep Disinfection
Emergency Fogging
Office Cleaning Services in Brampton

Professional commercial cleaning company in Brampton

Try us out and experience the peace of mind that our trustworthy commercial cleaners can bring to your workspace to make you feel that your office is as clean as your own cozy home!
Here are some of the top reasons why Office Cleaning Brampton should be your go-to for commercial cleaning in Brampton. Read ahead to learn more.

Use high-quality sanitizers and cleaning supplies

Office Cleaning Brampton uses high-quality materials and equipment for our services. Our professional commercial cleaners know which brands and cleaning products work best for different types of materials.

100% flexible contract

We don’t force clients to sign long-term contracts with us when working on the commercial cleaning service. 

Professional services throughout workdays and weekends

Our services are operational throughout the week and weekends. You can book an appointment that suits your needs, whether during working hours or after hours. Our commercial cleaners will arrive right on time.

High customer satisfaction

Our prices are competitive in Brampton. This, combined with high-quality services, is sure to leave you in awe.

Other Services

Carpet Cleaning

Regular carpet cleaning is an essential part of maintaining a beautiful, safe, and healthy space.

Window Cleaning

With clean windows, your facility can always look fresh and good as new, bringing everyone joy and helping your day be a little bit brighter.

Steam cleaning

Keep your space looking clean and welcoming by refreshing your carpets and upholstered surfaces with a regular steam cleaning.

Cleaning Supplies

With our reliable and affordable supplies delivery service, keeping your facility stocked up can be effortless.

High Dusting

Regular high dusting helps to ensure that high surfaces are just as clean and dust-free as low ones, keeping your facility as a whole less dusty for longer.

Strip and Wax

Renewing your floor’s protective wax coating will ensure that they are not damaged over time and always look sparkling clean, maintaining the aesthetics of your space.

Our clients love us for a reason

“We changed our janitorial needs to Arelli a while ago and have been very happy with their services. I love that I can use their app any time and don’t need to call the office on the phone.“
“Very professional people. Happy with the enhanced cleaning protocols for COVID compliance. Pricing is very reasonable and in line with the service they provide. Customer service is punctual. Recommended for floor care too. They did a strip and wax for us in the main hall as extra service. Good job on that too.”

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Will the same cleaning crew member be assigned to your location each time?

Yes! We want you to be able to build trust and confidence in our professional cleaning services. That means we do everything we can to maintain a highly consistent clean, including by assigning the crew member most familiar with your facility and its needs to conduct your cleaning. Over time, you’ll get to know the cleaning crew as an extended member of your team, giving you a better understanding of what to expect.

What determines the cost of professional cleaning services?

The two main factors in the pricing of professional cleaning services are the travel cost of getting to the facility and the actual time spent at the facility to conduct the cleaning. This is why searching for office cleaning services near your facility is an important way to ensure reasonable prices. With Arelli, you can also choose to have your cleaning services occur on a custom schedule that works for your budget, whether that means weekly or monthly.

What do commercial cleaning services entail?

When you choose to proceed with commercial cleaning services for your office or facility, you can expect a thorough clean during the initial visit. After that, each visit will involve garbage removal from trash cans and proper disposal and recycling in designated areas, washroom sanitization, disinfection, and supply replenishment, dusting, sweeping, mopping, wiping off frequently touched areas with a cleaner-disinfectant plus a lot more. A “General Guideline” is included in all of our quotes and contains all related details. Now because every facility is different, we add special instructions that help customize it for your facility.

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